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«PrimaStudio» - is the work of a truly professional operators. They are well known in their environment, are highly esteemed colleagues. The entire team is special education, which is very important - the constant practice in video production for decades, as a consequence the fact - a great experience. VideoStudio is able to fulfill the order for both professionals and (which is much harder) people not related to Video Production

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How to pay

You will be able to pay if your card issued any bank in Russia.
1. Select a completion card from Visa, MasterCard, or Yandex-money.
2. Specify the use of the translation, and the amount.
3. Click "Translate".
4. Enter the details of your card.
5. If necessary, confirm by a special password from the bank (3-D Secure).
6. If necessary, enter additional information in the form of "On-lain order"
If you deposit the amount in the currency, it comes at the expense of in rubles. The course sets the bank that issued your card.
What is 3-D Secure?
3-D Secure - is a protocol developed by Visa and MasterCard. It helps to make online payments safer. In fact, this additional check. For confirmation of any payment you specify on the bank's website a special password (it can only get the card holder).

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