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Layperson is not easy to choose a specialist when there are a lot of studios that offer their services for video production. If you do not know this market, it is often difficult to understand the offers, prices. The spread of a huge - someone has shot to the installation, recording on DVD from $ 300, while the same package costs about $ 3000 this difference is not due to over-priced, as many may think. To better understand the pricing, seea list of services affecting the cost of the work.video Therefore, if you decide to rely on the operator to find yourself, find out what takes off (camcorder can not be cheap - look at the cost of his model, it should be between $ 10 000 and above), how long, what projects he worked on, which confirm that . Of course, see his work. Look, think of it like a movie or not.


You can always write to us to better understand of what constitutes price.

video recording description price
"Economy" Professional camera tripod 1 hour - $ 50 minimum order - 2:00
Synchro / interviews Professional camera tripod, light, sound from 200 $
The concert / show Professional camera, tripod, sound from 200$
wedding Professional camera tripod from 500$
photographer Professional camera, light, tripod from 200$
installation from 3 to 20 days from 200$

production of filmed or documentaries, negotiated separately.
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«PrimaStudio» - is the work of a truly professional operators. They are well known in their environment, are highly esteemed colleagues. The entire team is special education, which is very important - the constant practice in video production for decades, as a consequence the fact - a great experience. VideoStudio is able to fulfill the order for both professionals and (which is much harder) people not related to Video Production

On Prices

Our studio uses a flexible pricing policy, we will respect your wishes and possibilities.
We have a perfect price-performance ratio

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